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The Tangband 38Hz Tapped Horn

I simply could not withstand to build another pair of TH’s with the remaining 4 drivers I’v got. This time the goal was to build some TH’s which will extend a little further up match to the conical midbass horns. Therefore I choose to make the horn shorter and crossing at 100Hz will hopefully be possible.

Here are the input parameters:

Tangband W6-1139G, 38Hz TH_PAR

Here is the predicted response:

Tangband W6-1139G, 38Hz TH_SPL

The response starts to rise at 100Hz with approx. 18-20dB/oct. The irregular peaks at 180Hz and 250Hz are predicted not to be stronger than the range below 100Hz. Others who built TH’s also reported that the predicted peaks were not as bad in real life. My guess was to xover at approx. 100Hz and so to be able to get an usable response to maybe 100Hz or even a little beyond. Note that the design includes the use of 4,7mh coils to even out the response. I will use these:


They are wound from 1,32mm dia. copper wire and have a Rdc of 0,26 ohm.

Some pics of the TH’s I took while building them:

Tangband_38Hz_00 Tangband_38Hz_01

I had to make the mouth opening a little larger than initially desired because I wanted to be able to install the driver without a removable panel as I did on the 30Hz TH further up. I changed the simulation accordingly in Hornresp but the difference in response was neglectable.

This time I also used a little thicker MDF (19mm for all panels) and additional bracing. Actually I was surprised how much the 30Hz TH’s flex when turning up really bad. I simply did not believe that this could happen with such small driver.


This is how I folded to get the 15cm longer S12 (over S34) into the box.


Note the braces I installed to avoid vibration and flexing of the panels. The top of the box has also a brace connection it to the inner divider.


Done. Sanded and wired with terminals and speaker installed.


A close-up of the driver which fitted perfectly.

Plans can be found in the download section.

In the meantime the 4,7mH coils are installed and I must say that I like the small ones a lot. Actually, now my Klipschorn moved out of my living room. Integration is much easier with the TH’s compared to the Klipsch corner horn.

Later I also built a double folded version of the 38Hz Tangband TH because it better fits into my room:


Here you can see it compare to the initial single folded version. An advantage of it is the stiffer enclosure.


Parameter wise it is completely identical but it is double folded.

Plans can be found in the download section.