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Abletec AMS0100-2300 D-Amp

Based on the good experience with the AMS1000 module I decided to build two stereo amps based on the samller AMS0100 modules. These modules are in use now for my mid- and high- frequency channels.

Here is the technical data from the manufacturer site:

  • 2x50Wrms into 4Ω @ 1% THD
  • 120Wrms BTL into 6Ω @ 1% THD ·
  • Patented AMS (adaptive modulation servo) amplifier technology
  • 100kHz load independent frequency range (-3dB)
  • Almost flat THD vs frequency
  • 115dB dynamic range
  • Output impedance <10mΩ from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Differential inputs with 0.1% resistors for improved CMRR
  • Automatic voltage doubler for universal mains
  • Meets ErP and Energystar
  • UL recognized
  • CE approved · +/-14V AUX outputs
  • AUX output for third hanger channel

AMS0100-2300 manual here….

The AMS modules are the successors of the ALC modules. Comparison of the THD figues made me curios. High frequencies seem to have lower THD:



Here are some pics of my built:

EFO_5703 EFO_5705a EFO_5707 EFO_5708 EFO_5709

For the enclosure I choose again the Galaxy Maggio Rato GX287 230×170 mm (1NGXA287N). In the line to the LED of the on/off button I inserted a resisitor similar to the other ams I built since it was way to bright. With a resistor of 27K, which is hidden in the shrinking tube at the switch, the LED just glows.